The Spark

I began my journey into natural healing and metaphysics 9yrs ago. My grandfather, whom I am very close with, became ill and conventional medicine wasn’t the answer. I reached out to my friends that were into meditation, yoga, and acupuncture to see if they knew of any alternative means that could help.

A dear friend, going to school for acupuncture, shared some insights with me. She explained to me about Chakras, movement, and breath. Explaining how there are 7 main Chakras, wheels of energy, vortexes, that align with our spine. Starting at the base of the spine, our root, and flowing up to the top of our head, our crown. She went on explaining how each Chakra regulates different bodily processes. From organ functions, to the endocrine system, ailments, and our mental and emotional states. Keeping the chakras open and aligned is a fine line of balance between the mind and body. If one Chakra is overactive or under-active then it cannot be functioning properly causing the others to not function at their optimal level as well, having somewhat of a domino effect. She suggested that maybe this is what’s going on with my grandfather. She said there are various ways to open up, clear and balance our Chakras. The four that captured my attention most were sound, color, movement, and energy work. Being an ex-raver, lover of music and dance, finding out about this was right up my alley.                                                                                                                                                    

My research into Chakras began, one discovery leading to the next. Much of what I was learning correlated with things I learned while in college in  Psychology and Sociology. Also, unexplainable health issues, emotions, behavior patterns, and feelings I had growing up now appeared to make sense. Learning about how these Chakras, energy centers, effect our feelings and emotions and those feelings and emotions, if not dealt with properly can turn into negative thought patterns and even disease. Dis-ease meaning a lack of ease or inner harmony within the body. This new-found knowledge opened me up to a new perspective of everything, of life.

I took what I learned and I went to visit my grandfather.

Now imagine, your old school, Italian grandfather, hard of hearing, stubborn with no patience. I am about to explain about energy, relaxation, and how the healing happens inside of you.  I had no idea if he was going to understand or even be interested, but it was worth a shot.

I got to town, we went for lunch, and he wanted to go to the Casino. I convinced him otherwise, telling him I had some information I wanted to share with him. Information about something to try with no negative side effects, no doctors, and no hospitals.

I told him about chakras, what they do and how important it is to keep them healthy and in alignment through breath, meditation, yoga, and sound. I wasn’t quite sure if he was actually paying attention or could even hear me. Perhaps he was just acting interested. Nevertheless, I did my best.  The next day, I had to head back home. My Mom calls me later that week saying how my grandfather had one of the best days he has had in a while, she was thrilled and so was I. I asked her what it was that was helping and she said my visit with him.

My grandfather returned, not because of doctor’s orders or a pill, just a little self-awareness and self-care. He really listened and applied what we talked about. He even found a yoga teacher to give him individual lessons, which he did consistently for a year. He also gained some patience and opened himself up to spirituality, I was shocked! Never did I think in a million years what I shared with him would have such a lasting impact.

The spark was officially ignited and I was ready to discover more ways in how the Chakras work. How color, sound, movement, energy and meditation can help heal us individually and collectively, inside and out.