Sunflower mandala above front door to True Serenity

What is True Serenity?

True Serenity is…

Photo of Serenity Main - Beautiful Crystal Signing Bowls
Always different always colorful.

We offer a natural, pure and sacred space. A place were only love, light and intuition live. A place that was established to create a connection to mother earth, a place that feels peaceful and whole. A place that does not judge or separate. A place free from all negative stimuli, a place that’s here for you to create, teach, learn and heal.

Yoga Class
Teach a Yoga Class
You can come to True Serenity  for classes, meditations, workshops, individual and group sound healing, small sized yoga sessions, readings, retreats, chakra dancing and so much more.
Intuitive Development Workshop
Perfect Workshop space

A place you can come to rediscover your self, connect again with your inner child, ground and root yourself and to learn about you again.

View our calendar of upcoming events, classes and workshops for dates and times. Tickets and passes can be purchased online for most events, saving you time and in most cases money.

What can I do at True Serenity?

Tara recording her Crystal Signing Bowls
Recording Music

Learn something new, share what you know, and love what you do.

Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony

You now have a comfortable, charming, centrally located, locally owned space for your event, class, meeting, baby shower, ceremony, gathering, birthday party, after party, photo shoot, workshop, healing sessions, group activity or just finding a spot away from home to call home. So go ahead and do what you love to do.

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Zen Garden Pathway
A peaceful view of our hand laid stone pathway in the Zen garden.






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